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I don't own a Mac, although sometimes I wish i did, but to not mention Apple computers seems like a big omission. The article mentions Bill Gates but not Steve Jobs.They are both huge influences in computing.

interfaces[edit source]

Interfaces[edit source]

The Interface chapter is not clear, imho:

  • What's the difference between CUI and the well known word "cli" ?
  • What is this "GUI shell"? Why the illustration is a web browser ? I imagine that "GUI shell" talk about a graphical interface of a command. But is this so important to be mentioned at this step ? Is there no more explicit images to illustrate the concept ?
  • "DOS Shell" If I correctly understand the link (which was wrong), it's a software. So this chapter treat on the same level concept like GUI or CUI with a particular software ?! I suppose that the idea is to explain that you can draw some kind of graphical interface with text. Isn't it a TUI ? If so it should be renamed. And why explaining it with this obsolete "DOS Shell" example when curses comes about 8 years before and is still used ? (on a lot of *nix servers, we don't install graphical interface as it's heavy and not needed)

Several remarks[edit source]

General impression[edit source]

In this "system software" page, what is the topic ?
There's a mix of several kind of things. It's not clear, as if the lesson is not yet finished.
As this "introduction to Computer" lessons are supposed to be the first we read for any chapter related to computers science,
It give a really bad impression, imho.

Hierarchy of titles[edit source]

Under the chapter widgets, we find "file" !? I suppose widgets should be part of "interfaces", and an other title is missing.

application[edit source]

Under the chapter "application", it talk about kind of licenses, not about what is an application.
This chapter should be renamed "kind of licenses" or better be merged with the lesson 9, chapter "Software Licenses"

Utilities[edit source]

Imho, this chapter have to be moved and rewrite.

  • Under Virus, it mention Norton Antivirus, it's propaganda. At least, mention a rating web site like And this topic should be malware, not just viruses.
  • scandisk is a software. It's should be interesting, in the "introduction to computer", to see a lesson about file system. And eventually, for each file sytem, mention the most common repair tool. But hierarchy of information, again, is not done imho.
  • backup need more explanation imho. Norton ghost, again, is propaganda. Worst, it's a disaster recovery software, not a backup software.
  • Driver is not a utility.

references[edit source]

References are frequently missing, wrong or misplaced.

Note : I'm supposed to be a student, not a teacher that write this lesson ... Namichel (discusscontribs) 16:10, 13 May 2013 (UTC)