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Scope of the course[edit source]

  1. Vocabulary: Increasing the vocabulary specifically regarding grammar, interview, history, archeology, letters, winter sports
  2. Grammar: The course shall extend the grammatical base for the student. focus on verbs and adverbs. follow-up aspects and prepositions/particles, grammatical case, fonetics.
  3. Spelling: Focus on connection between spelling and speaking.
  4. Translation: Each lesson shall have example sentences and example text.
  5. Exercises: The exercises should be in level with the lesson.
  6. Listening: Spoken examples shall be available for each lesson.
  7. Level: The work load of each lesson should be in level with the others.
  8. Diagnostic Test shall cover all lessons.
  9. There shall be correct answers to each exercise available.
  10. This course has focus on verbs and vocabulary.

Prerequisities[edit source]

  1. University level course, following on the Intermediate Swedish 1 course.
  2. The student has studied other languages before.
  3. No previous knowledge of Swedish is required.

Remaining work[edit source]

  1. Define lessons 4-12
  2. Finish lessons 1-3.

Continuation course[edit source]

  1. Intermediate Swedish 3

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