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We're examining several strands and major traditions in media literacy:

1. Cultural Studies -- the "critical" wing

2. Cultural Studies -- the "popular culture" wing

3. Media Effects -- the "media environment" wing

4. Media Effects --- the "media and children" wing

5. Education -- the "constructivist" and "new literacies" wings

6. Education -- the "educational technology" wing

How many wings does this bird have? sheesh!

Additions?[edit source]

Was wondering if you had considered:

  • John Berger's Ways of Seeing (obviously)? I've had good success in schools with the book and videos (even today). Very accessible.
  • Bill Nichols (although far less accessible) for his review of ideology as formed by image and representation? Ideology and the Image.
  • William Ivins for his text Prints and Visual Communication. A historical look at print technology and its impact on thinking.

I thought these three worthy of a section directly after the section that focuses on Neil Postman's insights. The final paragraph makes reference to "others" and it may as well be a brief follow on section that points people in other similar directions. --Leighblackall 08:10, 5 July 2009 (UTC)[reply]