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I think you did a great job explaining what a Euler line is. It was especially helpful how you explained the parts of a Euler line in depth. By describing what an orthocenter, circumcenter, and centroid were, it helped me to understand how this line is formed. I thought your pictures were very clear and went along with your explanation. Everything was easy to follow along with and I understand what a Euler line is now. Maybe you could give an explanation of why these points always lie on the same line. Otherwise, I think you did a great job!

Comment made by Charmaine Ramos (cramos2):

I thought you did a great job explaining the meaning of an Euler- Line. Explaining the terms of the circumcenter, centroid, and orthocenter really strengthened your description. Additionally, I like the fact you included pictures to demonstrate the terms as well. In my opinion, if you draw one triangle that is made up of all three of the pictures you have shown, it would bring clarity of how these points lie on the same line. In other words, if you combine the pictures you have demonstrated to show the circumcenter, centroid, and orthocenter, you would have a clear picture of all three points lying on the same line.