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Source: Science teaching materials for creationism
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Hello! The writing is very clear, and effective. However I would suggest more perspectives on the notion of homeschooling. For instance, how about homeschooling's pros and cons, meaning the positive and negative positions towards homeschooling? How old is it? Or, the international influence and span of homeschooling? Is there a way to see homeschooling grow or fail in our future?

Furthermore, I have already learned a lot from the great way you approached the subject, objectively and under a huge umbrella. Good job with the picture, it is inviting. I also understood a lot from the structure of the page. Great job with the loads of references!Jtnazari 09:51, 29 September 2008 (UTC)Jasmine Nazari

Hi! I thought you have done a lot of research. (I knew this from your references.) However, since this is wikiversity and not wikipedia, I suggest to create quiz or discussion section in your page so that the readers can learn and think about homeschooling more deeply. Good job with the research of many perspectives!Haruna 09:28, 3 October 2008 -Haruna

I hope this can be improved so that it factors in the new technology that is now available on the market and how we can take that to universities as well, not just for kids.