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996 FDFxHGAPS Conferences and Grants[edit source]

The members are Natalie, Brei, and Hide

Mtg Notes 9.30.21 - FDF x HGAPS Conferences & Grants[edit source]


Eric Youngstrom - Ey

Stuff we need to work faster in the future[edit source]

  1. Add project number-#996 on project list
  2. Add Drive Folder on
  3. add Shared drive account to Eric’s main searchable page

TODO[edit source]

  1. add citations to Zotero objects
  2. MECCA Writing Tracking Link
  3. 996 team to review APA BEA Award grant due 02/22

Grant team to:

  1. Make a shared drive account (eric/Hannah Kim/Emma Chopin have the ability to do so)
  2. Create a page for the project and move conference and grant documents into it from the HGAPS page

High level objectives[edit source]

Objective 0:[edit source]

Make infrastructure for this group to work together and accomplish the following objectives (slack channel? Google Doc with notes, OKRs? Wikiversity page about the project?, etc. ) 0.1 - Yes Slack channel #996? 0.1.1 []messaged Emma to ask her to change the name 0.2- Yes, Google Drive: #996 0.3 -- (.8 target) develop OKRs on this page 0.4 --

Objective 1:[edit source]

Have a “model page” that includes all the examples of good content and great style

  1. Space created (Model Page Folder added) felt more open-ended than one google doc
  2. organize space in silos of content, style, production, etc.

Objective 2:[edit source]

Make FDF 2022 have all of its pages look like the model page ß Design the process now to implement in run-up

Objective 3:[edit source]

Write grants (2K rapid, foundation) to extend this process to other meetings

Objective 4:[edit source]

Write larger conference grant for HGAPS/FDF mashup (FDF plus Satellite) with high-quality videography, investment in training cadre

Objective 5:[edit source]

Showcase “model page” to other teams to have them think about how to extend the model (add YouTube, Infographics, Tweets & Insta, QR codes, etc.)

Start of Wikipedia articles about SCCAP past presidents, etc is here FDF Programs/ Website Link etc. Website: [1] OSF (2021 Posters): Workshop Details will be published on 10/15/2021

Eyoungstrom (discusscontribs) 00:23, 3 October 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Materials for Edit-a-thons[edit source]

Here are some resources for the edit-a-thons, including a set of slides that Natale made and is sharing here.

Eyoungstrom (discusscontribs) 13:49, 19 July 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]