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Creating grub composting article[edit]

Hello. I'm being bold and creating an article on grub composting here (unless someone objects or has a better idea). The content will be moved from the Wikipedia article on Hermetia illucens. I believe this may be the best way to compost feces and putrid food waste, and convert these into animal feed. I'm trying to figure out when this can be done safely and how to design composting bins. The global impact this could have, especially in the developing world, is enormous.

There is a bit of edit warring coming from some rival business interests (they are linking to their sites, deleting links to rival sites) but they are also adding useful info. Some of it is Original Research or "unreliable" due to conflicts of interest. Some of it may fail Wikipedia's notability guideline. I'm hoping that here we could write it so that it is in a neutral POV where the various theories and research can be presented and reviewed by peers with full disclosure of everyone's financial interests.

The "debating" was mainly around who has the better bin design and who owns a patent or trademark to "BioPod". My interest is designing bins from reused or common materials. There are many research questions regarding how to design bins which will become clear as the article develops (here or elsewhere). It appears that Robert Olivier has has recently created an account at Wikipedia. He is a notable researcher and entrepreneur involved in the "debates". He has also expressed an interest in open research and so may be willing to help us according to the policies here.

Rudork 02:06, 26 November 2011 (UTC)