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comment removed from resource, placed by [1].

WARNING: Some of the content of this page is incorrect. For example, Romulus did not found Rome, he was a myth. Rome was also brought down because of social issues, invasions from Germanic tribes, among other causes. While I can't prove this page is -entirely- incorrect, I advise you to use this resource at your own risk. -- unsigned,

Macedonian or Greek?[edit]

An anonymous user changed the text, I reverted but edited the text to reflect the distinction between Greece and Macedonia. The user reverted and asserted the "Macedonian" claim more strongly.[2] The distinction between Greece and Macedonia appears to be strong and important to some, however, the IP editor is apparently exaggerating as to the history of the phalanx. From w:Phalanx and w:Macedonian phalanx and w:Ancient Macedonian army, the phalanx was developed by the Greek city-states and further developed by the Macedonians, their neighbors. I reverted. If the user wants to develop resources distinguishing between Greek and Macedonian culture and technology, that would be fine, if done with overall neutrality, I would assist on request or necessity. I'd recommend registering an account! --Abd (discusscontribs) 13:58, 5 March 2015 (UTC)