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Experiences by participants[edit source]

This section goes deeper into the idea about that "the average computer and mobile phone user still struggles to keep track of files in the long term despite of all the tools at their disposal". Here participants or visitors to this learning resource can add why they need a resource such as this to learn from and/or interact with it.

  • Oduci - I need a resource such as this to organize systems for my files. In the beginning I had the "system" of putting all files in the home directory, then making various folders with topics on them. That worked until I realized sometimes I created folders with similar topics and it didn't make any logical sense to me how to merge them, ie. if folder A should be moved into Folder B or if Folder B should be moved into folder A to make a sort of merge with a main folder and then other sub-folders. After discovering Wikidata I came up with an idea to base most basic ideas I'm interested in, into their own "concept folders" based on the Q number with the hope that the entire system is gonna be based on a good memory and specifically specific memory techniques that might enable me to remember a large quantity of numbers(which is its own separate resource here on English Wikiversity). Sometimes I've forgotten about some systems that I came up with and this resource could be used to document some of the processes. I'm still stuck in the thought process but I'm looking forward to progressing. Oduci (discusscontribs) 02:50, 25 December 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]