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To-dos[edit source]

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Demographic information[edit source]

"Base rates of ASD in children and adolescents in different populations and clinical settings" needs work -Lizzie

"National prevalence via CDC's ADDM sites is outdated, now 1 in 54 ~1.9%; North Carolina prevalence is 1 in 39 ~2.6%; breakdown by sex and race/ethnicity also available to be updated (2016 surveillance - Maenner et al., 2020)" - MC

Diagnosis[edit source]

"Screening instruments and diagnostic interviews" needs work. -Lizzie

"Given the high prevalence of co-occurring psychopathology with ASD, it could be really clinically useful to include screeners (for anxiety and depression in particular) which have been validated for autistic individuals. This would be helpful not only for clinicians to routinely screen for with autistic clients but would also be useful for clinicians unfamiliar with autism to utilize (e.g. a community mental health provider whose newest referral for anxiety treatment happens to be autistic.)" - MC

Treatment[edit source]

Process and outcome measures[edit source]