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Quiz 2 Problems/Questions

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I have posted 10 basic questions to test the students overall understanding of concerpts learned in this course. If you want to, you are welcome to add more involved questions. :-)Thuvack 15:22, 2 July 2008 (UTC)Reply

nice problems but i have some issues with the answers :( . first off on 6 and 9 i went with nodal as the easiest, in 9 you only have 1 non referent node (2 nodes, 1 ground 1 not, while ). in 6 you would only have 1 equation since their are 3 non referent nodes but you know the nodal voltages at V1, V2 since the voltage source is between the ground and non referent node.

in short, question 6 would have 3 equations using mesh while only 1 equation using nodal. question 9 would have 4 equations using mesh, also you have supermeshes, while nodal would again be 1.

also question 2 bugs me since the voltmeter is in series, an ideal voltmeter would have infinite internal resistance preventing a current, while the ideal voltage source would supply the appropriate current to maintain 9v, i always thought you would damage the voltmeter but im not that confident on this one since i dont have much lab experience. i always maintained the circuit and then connected the voltmeter in parallel.

Correction of Q2 & Q3

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Here is my clarification of Sakatti Edits as follows:

  • Q2: I reverted the Edits. The voltmeter will read the Supply voltage without voltdrops as it is an open circuit.
  • Q3: Well spotted, I corrected the question to suit the initial intention. Resistor R4 in the parallel brach will always have the most current flowing through it since it is the smaller of the three.

If you need more clarification please reply here. :-)Thuvack 15:00, 10 July 2008 (UTC)Reply