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There is a theory which has been transcendentalist researched out through The Open University's online Course virtual platform in terms of the similar electromagnetic spectrum. It was about the discussion of infrared radiation (IR)'s keeping among the atomic bonds of water and carbon dioxide's molecules. Finally, as brief conclusion in the postmodernist channel, after presenting the talks and reasoning, can be drawn out: 'The nature of the ability that energy-waving structure can absorb and hold another type of energy-emission as particles-waves from the surface of earth is rooted in gravitational wave's existing in the nonvisual bonds, and relatively reflecting Time & Space's jelly-environmentally' holding' and 'escaping' actions, which is interactively upon IR's penetrating through the molecules of gases till being kept.' We can present more talks and discussions; meanwhile, provide more empirical evidences to support this theoretical hypotheses, which would bring the mechanism of Greenhouse Effect and Global warming onto the level of radioactive atom and Gravitational waves' Time-Space impact upon energy's emission.[1]

References[edit source]

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