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This diagram can be defined as a good-qualified psychological and philosophical teaching source. It brought the belief of 'multiple-factors' acting caused social item's movement' into the discussion of life-move-direction, and had done the consideration or multi-regression. Meanwhile, it shifted the knowledge from Aerodynamic forces - classical forces system into the understandings of our life-action direction. This is an evolutional attempt, which needed to be encouraged, and gave us a fresh eye to see our life. From it, I can feel some positive forces' leading, such as the upward-force 'life' and the front-going-force 'Thrust'. I can also make senses of the negative forces' blocking power (It might not be 'the negative forces' but 'the conservative forces' such as 'drug and weight') to hold it back original location. I think it also provided the 'developing zone' for putting more sub-factors or the divisions of some certain factors into more carefully detailed level, after some practical tests. Finally, under the multiple-factors' impacts, our life has been running in its orbit forever. To this diagram, we can make the much deep interpretation and quantity test. Some theoretically mathematics equitation can also be found with the coefficients according to certain time-period.

Further developing tendency - do you remember Gravitational wave: Can we take the grand relativity - the extending-shrinking-force of space-time into consideration? Is it to say it will also move as wave? It need much more experts to do some further designs across social sciences and natural science.

All in all, it is a good diagram for tertiary education, currently.

(The preceding unsigned comment was added by Jason M. C., Han (talkcontribs) 11 March 2016‎)