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Hi! This seems to be a copy from Wikipedia's article w:Customer relationship management. Why don't we make a learning experiment now with this and try to rephrase it in our own words or use Wikipedia's article to generate information or a better learning experience?

Please also see: Wikiversity:What Wikiversity is not

"A duplication of other Wikimedia projects. While Wikiversity complements other Wikimedia projects, it will not simply duplicate their content. So, if you want to read about a topic, you may be better off visiting, say, Wikipedia or Wikibooks, but if you want to learn about this topic, you can do so at Wikiversity. Learning materials will be created and used on Wikiversity, but materials on other projects may also be used as learning materials themselves or even places to consolidate this learning, i.e. writing an article, manual etc based on what you've learned. There may be some overlapping, but each project will maintain its own focus."

Also worthwile reading: Wikiversity:What is Wikiversity? How to Cite from Wikipedia. Salmon of Doubt 12:45, 13 September 2008 (UTC)