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Course Status[edit source]

This course is associated with an assessment and micro-credential offered by the University of Wisconsin-Extension's University Learning Store. I encourage you to contribute to and improve this course! I ask only that the basic structure of the course, e.g., headings and sequence of content, remain unchanged so that it can continue to support the associated assessment. That said, if you see opportunities for large-scale improvements, please don't hesitate to suggest them here on the talk page.

Learning Objectives[edit source]

Why It Matters[edit source]

Learning Resources[edit source]

Practice Activity[edit source]

  1. Plan to add a completed example of the Analysis Phase using the template but haven't gotten to it yet.

Scenario[edit source]

  1. Question: Does the scenario need to be fleshed out in order to cover all the learning objectives and rubric criteria?
  1. These pages should probably have reference sections.