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Fred to Pavel:

Friday(?) lets make a good outline. In software engineering we've got stuff like the CMM which makes a good template for the development process. There's also the PMBOK which pretty much covers everything. Is there a similar document/standard for the CAD process?

I edited only up to the point indicated. Similarly, on the other page, I got to the future bit and then stopped.

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Project management standards[edit source]

Generally design is a project and standards like CMM or PMBOK can be used. There are also other standards that are used. IMO at this point we should describe design process more generally. Concept stage is high-level design concept. For example you may consider several different types of engines, Diesel, Wankel, Stirling, Electric, Turbine ... Some solutions will not meet requirements (cost, weight). You will select only the most promising designs, the you will create draft and then you will analyze them more thoroughly.