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Mid-Semester Comments:

You are off to a good start so far.

You may want to work on the formatting, layout, and design of your page a bit. For instance, your demographic information might be easier to read if you put it in a table; while images are not required, a map of the country or a map showing where it is in the world, and a picture of the flag, with captions, will make your page more attractive to and useful for readers. Remember that Wikiversity is a public resource accessible to anyone on the Internet!

You will probably want to expand your history section--I know I said brief, but you only have 2 sentences.

Some of your text does seem suspiciously close to the text on some of your source pages--be sure you are not using direct quotes without quotation marks, and ensure that the majority of the text has been written in your own words.

Your coverage of the government structure is good and thorough. You should go back to the elections section & incorporate the terminology we used in discussing elections to classify Sweden's. Also be sure you've noted which family of law it belongs to.

You'll want to move the discussion of trials down to the Court section, and move your signature to the top of the page. Your quote about judicial review is fine, but it would be best if you could explain it in your own words somewhat.

Your crime data is good; again, you might consider a table, and you might consider being a bit more explicit about the comparisons you are making between Sweden and other nations.

Your citations and data sources are great.

Keep up the good work!

Mlarthur 02:03, 23 October 2009 (UTC)