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Mid-Semester Comments

You are off to a good start on your Wiki. I like your use of subheadings, and you've done a good job of documenting your sources However, I do have some suggestions for improvement as you go forward.

  • You are a bit behind in content updates, as I am sure you know. You will want to go back and fill all of that in--use the Wiki assignment handout to make sure you've covered everything. However, you should first get the updates for the next week in so that you can earn those points, and only later go back and fill in what you've missed.
  • Do be sure to note that one of the criteria for the final grade (you can find this on the grading rubric on the final two pages of the Wiki assignment handout) is the contrast between official statements of the country (rhetoric) and the actual reality. Particularly given the fact that you are drawing on tourism websites rather than official statistics--but even if you were using official statistics--you are getting into that issue, so be sure to be clear about that. More use of recommended sources would also help.
  • Your citations need to be in proper bibliographic format. For help with that, visit the sociology term paper guide; also make sure you always include the http:// before your links so that readers can click on them.
  • Two minor points: you might want to add a map of Spain (though this is not required), and you might want to delete some of the extra blank lines you have.

Keep up the good work.

Mlarthur 15:58, 18 March 2010 (UTC)