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Where your page is at right now, it will need a lot of work for you to do well in the final grading. I am glad to see that you are using quotation marks so that you are not violating copyright law or the RIC academic integrity policy, but this is not the last step. If everything on your page is in quotation marks, you've just made a kind of patchwork quilt of information. A good Wiki page involved rewriting and synthesizing this information until it is your own work, in your own words. Quotations are better than nothing, but they aren't the end goal. You are also missing some of the information necessary in some of the sections--the updates due next are the priority, but do go back and fill in what is missing when you have a chance. Finally, you really should try to use the recommended sources on the Wiki handout, as some of the sources you are using are not so reliable.

Of course, please do remember to read over the general comments that I will be sending to everyone via email.

Mlarthur 21:35, 20 October 2010 (UTC)