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Italic textMid-Semester Comments:

You are off to a good start here--but there will be a lot of revisions needed before the final version is due in order to make sure your page is complete and well-done. As I am sure you are aware, a lot of your content has been entered in a kind of rough draft format. That's fine for now, but it will matter in the end. Remember that you are writing for public consumption, so you want it to look good. The Wikipedia Manual of Style might be useful to you in this endeavor. Do be sure to start with some sort of introductory paragraph about what Jordan is as a country. Your references are starting to get in shape, but you'll want to work a bit more on them as well. Finally, while images are not required, you might want to add at least a picture of the flag and a map to show where Jordan is--the Images page can help with that.

For text like what you have in terms of age and gender, you might find using a table to be preferable to the bullet list; the Table page will help you with that.

Your history discussion appears to be plagiarized/a copyright violation. Because it is a very small section of the overall text, I am not moving forward on any formal procedures at this time, but within the next week you need to address this. Be sure that everything on your Wiki page is written in your own words. Having citations is not enough to protect you from a copyright violation and a violation of the RIC policy on academic integrity. i worked on this section i hope that you can review it and make sure that it works better now, thank you :)

Be sure in your discussion of the government to classify Jordan in terms of the types of governments we discussed in class. If there are elections for legislators, you do need to add a section explaining how these work in terms of the concepts we used in class--you get to that a bit under the legislative branch, but make sure it appears under elections. You also need to add a section on judicial review as well as mentioning whether adversarial or inquisitorial trials are used.

Civil law is a bit more important in Jordan than your text gives it credit for. Think about it in comparison to Saudi Arabia, which is the classic case of a Sharia country.

You'll have to refine your section on punishment as we discuss that in class to make sure you are drawing on the concepts and ideas from class. Your crime rates need a citation and you should fix the table a bit because it is looking kind of odd. When comparison Jordan to other countries (as in "crime rates are low") you should get some comparative data rather than just asserting; also be attentive to the possibility that there is underreporting (remember the Venn diagram from the PowerPoint on crime?).

You should draw more heavily on the websites on the Wiki assignment; they have better data than some of the pages you are using and will enable you to do a better job. Ultimately, besides for dealing with the copyright violation and fleshing out some of the missing information, what you really need to focus on is organizing and refining your text so it reads well for users.

Mlarthur 02:02, 22 October 2009 (UTC)