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Mid-Semester Comments

Your Wiki is getting along, and you are reasonably on schedule--but do be sure to continue to make the effort to get each week's section up on time. There are a few sections of material we have already discussed that you are not 100% up-to-date with; it is important to go back and fill those in, but you probably want to get next week's updates up first. I do have some suggestions for improvement as you continue to work on developing your page:

  • While the bullet lists are certainly fine at this stage of development, you may want to refine your writing style for the final draft. In many cases, the Wiki would read better with full sentences and paragraphs--such as in the sections on governance and crime. In cases where numbers are better of in lists, you might consider using tables.
  • Be sure you are using complete citations for every claim you make on your Wiki. So far you do not have sufficient citations, they are not properly formatted, and you are not relying on the recommended sources. While it is ok to use sources that are not on the recommended sources list, the recommended sources are more reliable. Remember, for instance, that people can edit Wikipedia pages just as easily as you are editing this page right now. For more help on proper citations, please see the sociology term paper guide.

Mlarthur 14:06, 18 March 2010 (UTC)