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Mid-Semester Comments

I am glad to see that progress is being made on your Wiki. Most of the sections remain pretty skimpy, however. Your first priority needs to be filling in the sections that are due next; then you should go back and flesh out what you've already done. Also be sure to put captions on your images.

As for your references--be sure that all claims you make in your Wiki are followed by complete and properly formatted references. For help with references, you may wish to visit the sociology term paper guide; URLs themselves are not sufficient. You are also not using the recommended sources; while of course it is fine to use other sources when you can't find things in the recommended sources, the recommended sources tend to be more reliable.

Be sure that before submitting your final Wiki you proofread and edit it; one thing to pay particular attention to is that all proper nouns must be capitalized.

Mlarthur 01:41, 18 March 2010 (UTC)