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Mid-Semester Comments:

You are off to a good start so far. There is certainly work left to do in revising what you have and preparing for the final version, but you seem quite prepared to do it well.

You are not required to use images on your page, but it does make for a better web browsing experience--remember that these pages are public and anyone may want to look at them! Wikimedia is the place to go for uncopyrighted pictures. If you really don't know what to add, just add a map of the country or a map showing where it is in the world, and a picture of the flag, with captions. [Media & Images] will help you resize your images, align them on the page, and insert captions. You also might want to think about making your crime rates table a little "prettier"--[Tables] will help you with that. Also--delete the line with your IP address and the date, and instead put 4 tildes at the top of the page when you are logged in.

Your history is fine, but the details of the relationship between Greenland and Denmark are actually really interesting, and so might be worth just a little more time and space in your page.

Your references don't seem to be working right--if you need help fixing them, visit [Footnotes] for more help, and feel free to come see me or email me for help as well.

Your governance section is good, but needs to be revised in light of what we've talked about in class. Be sure you mention the type of government, the family of law, how elections are conducted and who can vote, judicial review, adversarial vs. inquisitorial trials, etc.

Your crime table is great! But don't just say that crime rates are low without drawing comparisons. Pick some other countries and look up stats for them. You need not include them in the page, but you can mention then that Greenland has less crime than such and such places.

Keep up the good work, and be sure to leave time at the end of the semester to go back and revise your page to make sure the writing is strong, that it looks good and is readable, and that you've covered everything discussed in the assignment handout.

Mlarthur 23:08, 21 October 2009 (UTC)[reply]