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Your page is currently in violation of copyright. It contains no content except that which has been copied from the CIA World Factbook and that which has been copied from a single Interpol page; the discussion of crime additionally makes an unsupported assertion that rape is the most common crime in Fiji. You must correct the copyright violations immediately or your work will be subject to deletion by the wikiversity site. In addition, you should know that you do not get weekly credit for plagiarized sections and that any future plagiarism in this course will be subject to report to the Vice President for Academic Affairs; continuing to work in this way will cause you to fail the course. Please be sure from now on that all direct quotations are placed in quotation marks and that all material you obtain from websites is followed by a reference (as right now you have no references). For help with referencing, see

Of course, please do remember to read over the general comments that I will be sending to everyone via email.

Mlarthur 21:11, 20 October 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]