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"This subpage doesn't have Wiki standard. It doesn't include the very serious criticism of Castaneda.

A lot of serious scholars consider him fake and a fraud, so it should be a prominent part of this lecture."

At the moment it's very biased and sounds like it't written by some one belonging to a Castaneda-cult..."

REPLY 08/05/14 0224 GMT: There is also a body of serious scholars who don't consider his work fraudulent. And there is also a body of evidence coming to light about Richard de Mille's lengthy adherence to Scientology principles, publishing books on Dianetics and delivering seminars and patient treatment, right up to the time of his death. So, I feel it disingenuous of de Mille's supporters to make light of his scientology history, by inferring that "he left in the 50s", when quite clearly evidence shows that not only was he the co-founder of the movement, it appears he never left it at all.

The website "Sustained Action" (whose name was lifted from a direct L.Ron Hubbard quote), was created by two other disgruntled Scientologists called Richard Jennings and David Worrell, purely to attack Castaneda the man, because they felt slighted by what they considered to be a homophobic remark that he allegedly made in Jennings' earshot.