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Thanks James for your help on this site...the pictures look really good! :)--Teall McQueen 11:49, 14 October 2008 (UTC)[reply]

images[edit source]

I've restored some images. First was [[:File:Taipei101.portrait.altonthompson.jpg|300px|right]] -- but I don't see the relevance yet, and so I removed that. (The original image is at; it's much nicer. No clue as to licensing. It is from this page.


The next was an image of the Niemoeller poem, which is quite appropos. There are many other copies of this image available. The one I am using is also on Commons, in use on Wikipedia. It's strange, though. It looks to me like it has been photoshopped, not actually photographed as-is, because of the perspective, or did they actually engrave that on stone, tilted? Did they actually engrave fine-print on the memorial? I might visit it and see for myself. Until then, someone else can research this. I looked at other images on Google image search and found no definitive result. The Wikipedia photo was uploaded as own work, but that might have been own work with photoshop! The copyright issue for the original removed photo was typical Commons hyper-technical "precautionary principle" nonsense. Nobody is going to claim copyright. And then there is fair use, which the WMF often interprets very, very strictly, which then interferes with the educational mission in favor of the "free re-use with no restrictions other than attribution" mission. Which does not mean "free" as in "free to read," but "free" as in "you can make a profit from this without any payment," because they don't allow NC licenses. There is absolutely no legal problem from using NC licensed material for educational, non-commercial usage. The real policy, though, is that any not-fully-free license must be machine-readably tagged. At this point, tagging is not necessary, because Commons, but if Commons insanity ever deletes this, a local copy can be uploaded and tagged. --Abd (discusscontribs) 17:17, 28 November 2017 (UTC)[reply]