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Otago Polytechnic is creating this page to enable access to First Line Management courses more generally.

resources[edit source]

I think we should now go out and find resources to link into this page - such as an example of business writing, video of a scenario of business writing uses or something... time for librarian assistance. --Leighblackall 01:27, 14 November 2006 (UTC)


I agree! Perhaps examples of items ranging from use on a day to day basis such as a job advert; to the more exciting items such as a media release. A video scenario coould be on the basis of a team getting together to format the media release, or the structure of a letter to staff announcing closure.


Cool! Also, I did a search for "writing" in wikiversity and a number of related topics turned up. I have dropped a comment on Technical writing thinking it was the most advanced, and notifying them of this page - looking for collaboration. We should remember to do wikiversity searches like this from time to time so as to find relatable topics and link them in. --Leighblackall 02:40, 15 November 2006 (UTC)

librarian help[edit source]

Hi Jan and Leigh, I'll have a good search over the next few days and see what I can come up with. You chaps can see if my findings are suitable. 16 Nov 2006 Wendy