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Problematic section[edit source]

"Dating the beginning of the British Empire can be a bit problematic. For some Celts and Frenchmen, the British (or more nearly, "English") Empire already had been plaguing them for centuries when the British colony at Newfoundland was started in 1496-1497. English kings had fought bloody wars to subjugate the Celtic lands of Wales, Scotland and Ireland to their control and had also laid claim to much of France during the 100 Years War. However, for the purpose of this class, when we say "British Empire," we mean the non-European overseas British Empire, which indeed did begin with the settlement at Newfoundland in 1496-1497."

This all quite problematic. The English had been subdued by the Normans. and for quite a while England had been a backwater of the Angevin Empire. Also the French did not come into being as a nation until sometime later. I think it all should be reworked.Harrypotter 22:57, 8 August 2010 (UTC)

Course Structure[edit source]

I have started developing a course structure for this topic.