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Some questions to think on[edit]

  • What will your deliverables be?

The exact nature of the deliverables will depend on the people taking the class. For example, I'd love a class where the delieverables are business proposals (not exactly business plans, but more of an emphasis on the business's effect on the world), but I know that E! isn't everybody's goal. Other deliverables could be the creation of presentations on a technology that has succeeded or failed, or the potential impact of an emerging technology.

  • How will you structure meetings?

I think that it will be fundimentally lecture-based, with one person running the class each week (whether it's an outside speaker or presenting student). Discussion and such will be encouraged, but the exact format will be determined by the presenter.

  • Projects? If so, what are they?

(same as deliverables)

--Nlee 05:47, 12 December 2008 (UTC)