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i think this is a terrible article. it doesn't provide any information or direction on the subject of beginning composition, and as a whole i think it would be more a detriment than a help to anyone wishing to learn about this subject. also the language of the stub is emotionally charged and does not sound objective and impartial.

I agree. This article does not give constructive information about methods of learning composition. It is true that there is not one hard-and-fast method, but there are several types of compositional strategies that could be discussed, like chord progression and traditional part-writing rules. Traditional part-writing or the "rules of counterpoint" have been taugh from Beethoven's time to the present. It's useful for composers of Western music to learn them, even though they do not always have to follow them.

Perhaps twelve-tone composition could be discussed as well. MusicWeaver 08:11, 10 May 2007 (UTC)