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Astrochemistry Discussion[edit source]

Message To Founder of Department of Astrochemistry[edit source]

  1. In ¶ 01 Edits have been made Linking the Topic "Astrochemistry" to the School of Chemistry and to the Wikipedia article "Universe".
  2. In ¶ 02 Edits have been made again Linking to the Wikipedia article "Universe".
  3. In ¶ 02 The Question arises: What is the meaning of "materia"? Could it be material or is it something other, such as even materia?
  4. In ¶ 02 The Question arises: What is a ""chemistry object""? Could the sentence mean somethng like "Our Sun is made of chemicals. The meaning is not clear.
  5. Re ¶ 03: Sara Goudarzi's February, 2007 article "Milky Way Fortified with Calcium" appears to be Copyrighted Material found at . If so, the Text probably could not be properly be used at Wikiversity. The use of Copyrighted Material material on Wikiversity Pages could result inan Issue Coming Up Regarding the use of Copyrighted Material. Accordingly, the Article has been Removed and Replaced with a Link. In all your Work, please Cite the Source and please comply with all Wikiversity Policies.

(s) Dionysios (talk), Date: 2007-08-08 (August 8, 2007) Time: 2011 UTC