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Hi F of x,

I was reviewing your article, and found it was very clear, nicely formated and illustrated. I did find a couple of elements that are a bit dissonant with the Yoreme methodology, which I'd like to point out:

  1. Abundance of information that is not directed to the students operating. This information is extremely usefull for students that have a theoretical approach to learning (the best kind of students if you ask me). However, especially with pubers, this might demotivate more restless practice-oriented learners. What we have done to make the information available for those interesed is benefit from hyperlikning (especially to Wikipedia articles). Where my knowledge is sufficient, I will implement the hyperlinking.
  2. The next observation is something where Jergas and I have different points of view. It refers to the ammount of solutions that should be made available to students. In general, the idea of formats is that the students have to experiment and figure out how to complete as many tasks as possilbe. We usually tell them the results they should get, but avoid doing much more than hinting as to how to do it. Now, and here is where Jergas and I differ, is that, while Jergas believes this should be done from the beginning, I think that we have more chances of being succesfull at keeping students motivated (at least the insecure and the information-oriented learners) by introducing this kind of dynamic little by little. I wish we could show you examples of both approaches, but I can't garantee that they will be translated in the very near future (not enough of them, anyway). I'll try to improve the article in this direction when I'm solving it (in the evening). Remember that you can always undo changes you don't agree with.
Like my dear Erno was saying, we disagree on some minor doctrinal issues. No matter, I asked him to please make changes to your work, ie, hack on it, rather than discussing doctrine too much. Jergas (talk) 21:43, 22 May 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]
That being said, clearly all doctrine springs from me; so, insofar as to our disagreements: he is, a fortiori, wrong! Jergas 21:43, 22 May 2012 (UTC) (the Jerx hath spoken, discuss:talk)Reply[reply]
LOL &8'P