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A plan for this page[edit source]

At this stage all we are doing this end is drawing up a list of topics and subtopics for the subject of Arboriculture. Then we will prepare slide presentations for each topic, that will include coverage of the subtopics. Where we already have - or find existing presentations, we will add the text and images to this wikipage. Where we do not, we will use this wikipage to sketch up the content of the presentation then copy past it into a new presentation file. If anyone has presentation slides or content that could be added, please do so or send it through to me, being mindful to include references and attribution to other's IP. If you have a rough and ready presentation that you wouldn't mind having jazzed up a little, send it through and we will design it up and format it for use here. Thanks --Leighblackall 21:15, 23 January 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Thanks for getting this rolling, in the last few days I've been working on constructing an outline of a comprehensive course, a brief definition, and an introduction to arboriculture. So far I haven't looked around to any other pages or looked at the wikiversity style page, or policies on attribution. I'm spankin' new here, as you can see. I'm just working from my experience on wikipedia and my experience as a working arborist. The outline still needs some major areas of emphasis in the area of tree care industry standards and practices regarding rigging, cabling and bracing, chemical applications, consulting arborists reports, ... it may end up later that Arboriculture will become a category with a number of articles in it, and that we could place that in a intermediate category of Environmental Horticulture, within the present Plant Sciences. Once there are other classes, for example on Integrated Pest Management, we could move that information over and just link to it, rather than including it within the curriculum. - Michael J Swassing 16:31, 23 November 2008 (UTC)[reply]