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In the section "", there is a conflict. It says:

it is fair to say that a methodology which doesn't have the following principles cannot consider itself Agile.

   ... bullet points

It's also fair to say that an Agile team that fails to realize any of these principles will struggle and probably fail.

By the given definition, a team that does not meet the bullet points is not an Agile team. Therefore to say "an Agile team that fails to realize any of these" makes no sense - the text has just defined such teams as non-agile. This needs clarifying as it is not clear what is intended to be communicated (a reference would be useful). First of all the intent may be to communicate that teams which do not comply with the bullet points are likely to fail in their task. This seems unlikely since many businesses currently exist and have existed profitably for decades on the basis of following processes that don't conform to the bullet list. Secondly it could mean that a team aiming to be agile that doesn't fully conform to the bullet list is likely to fail. The implication here is that having aimed to be agile the team has already removed the mainstays which make successful waterfall developments work, but failed to implement the core principle which make agile developments successful.

It would be useful to have some reflection on the importance of each of the bullet points. I.e. if I miss just "Complete buy-in from all stakeholders", but have all the other things, does that affect the chances as much as if I miss "Least Design Up Front". It is interesting to note that co-location is not on the list.

Finally it would be nice to have an overall reference for this statement that "team that fails to realize any of these principles will struggle and probably fail".

Responsibilities of the product owner[edit]

Can we add some information about the responsibilities of the product owner? The product owner is responsible for communication with all the external stakeholders of a project. Timboliu (discusscontribs) 10:33, 16 February 2015 (UTC)

Use of links[edit]

The page would become more readable if we added some links. I suggest makinging the following links: agile manifesto, scrum Timboliu (discusscontribs) 10:42, 16 February 2015 (UTC)