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Talking about fears[edit]


  • I'm afraid/scared/terrified of (noun/-ing)
  • I can't stand (noun/-ing)


Common fears[edit]

  • heights
  • snakes
  • spiders
  • crowded places
  • confined spaces
  • dark places

Physical reactions[edit]

  • get sweaty (palms)
  • feel dizzy
  • freeze
  • your legs/hands shake

Lesson plan[edit]

  1. Topic question: What were you afraid of when you were younger?
    Example: I was afraid of heights.
  2. Drill with names of fears.
    heights: I'm terrified of heights.
    the dark: I'm terrified of the dark.
    confined spaces: I'm terrified of confined spaces.
  3. Drill with situations that cause the fear.
    Even looking over the balcony makes me scared.
    1. Elaborate with physical reactions.
      My legs start to shake.



Work together and decide which of these is the scariest: heights, snakes, or the dark.

I will give you one minute to discuss. Ready?


Which was your first choice. Why?

Which was your last choice? Why?

Further study[edit]