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Terminology[edit | edit source]

Symbology (disambiguation)
"Science of Symbolism"
  • quoted from the subtitle of Ogden, C. K. & I. A. Richards (1923). The Meaning of Meaning: A Study of the Influence of Language upon Thought and of the Science of Symbolism. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd. [^]
  • "Symbology" may at least serve as a shorthand symbol standing for the "science of symbolism" as coined by the celebrated authors (1923).
  • "Symbology" may well be worth a synonym to:
    • Saussure's "semiology,"
    • Welby's "signifies," and
    • Peirce's "semiotics" in vogue.
  • Neither "symbology" nor "symbolism" is in vogue in the sense Ogden and Richards would prefer.
  • "Symbology" or "science of symbolism" may be defined as symbol to stand for the special paradigm Ogden and Richards have founded to influence studies on the influence of symbols upon thoughts.