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Dr Susan Steinman won the Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award award of the Nedbank Business Women's Association's Regional Business Achievers' Award 2008 on 24 July 2008. Susan is currently in the process of forming the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship at University of Johannesburg.

Susan was awarded an ASHOKA fellowship in 2002 for her pioneering work in raising awareness, research and designing programmes to address physical and emotional violence in the workplace. Her work started in 1994 when she gathered information by assisting victims of emotional violence in the workplace and co-authored the first book on this topic in 1997. She established a international network of professionals, academics and researchers and became well-known globally and is a popular keynote speaker at conferences on the topic of workplace violence and employee wellness locally and internationally.

The NPO of which Susan is the Founder and Chair, the Workplace Dignity Institute, held international conferences about workplace violence in South Africa since 2000, she published, authored and co-authored several books and articles on the topic. She was also responsible for the ILO/ICN/WHO/PSI South African case study in respect of workplace violence in the health sector in 2002 and subsequently became the national facilitator for the ILO/ICN/WHO/PSI programme in South Africa with excellent results – to the extent that this programme is now a model for other countries. In 2007 she addressed the Labour Portfolio Committee of Parliament on the issue of workplace violence and presented the Committee with a Code of Good Practice to Prevent and Address Workplace violence as well as a Victim Charter for consideration.

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