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One-way repeated measures ANOVA

View the accompanying screencasts: [1] [2]

Imagine you are a marketing analyst for a toy company. The new products department have developed four toys (Allosaurus, Space Shuttle, Kite, Teddy Bear) they wish to promote for Christmas. You arrange for 20 children to play for 5 minutes with each of the four toys and then rate how much they liked each toy out of 10. Which toys are preferred to which other toys? Which toy (if any) has the greatest potential as a best-seller? This is a within-subjects design for which a one-way repeated measures ANOVA is appropriate.

  1. Allen & Bennett: Chapter 9 (pp. 107-122)
    1. data_9_1.sav | sps
    2. data_9_2.sav | sps
  2. Obtain
    1. Descriptive statistics for each toy
    2. Histograms for each toy
    3. Graph the means and confidence intervals: Bar chart, error-bar chart
    4. One-way repeated measures ANOVA: F, p, and