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Readings are recommended but optional. The amount of reading is ultimately up to each emerging scholar. It is not intended or necessary that you read every single reading word for word. Some may prefer to read one or two readings per topic in-depth, others may prefer a lighter reading of a wider range of sources. Do what works for you - the goal should be to satisfy your desired level of understanding and to acquire sufficient knowledge to succeed at the assessment tasks.

There are recommended readings for each lecture. In addition, the lecture readings are listed in the unit outline. Readings may include textbook chapters, other chapters and articles available via the UCLearn site, and openly available online material. The textbook readings are strongly recommended. You could use any textbook that covers the relevant topics, but suggested chapters from Howitt and Cramer (2014) are listed mainly because that is the textbook that students are most likely to already have access to because it is used in the co/prerequisite 2nd year unit Experimental Psychology.

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