Survey research and design in psychology/Assessment/Lab report/Style

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Lab report - Style guidelines
  1. Follow APA style except:
    1. add a cover sheet
    2. use single-spacing (for electronic submission; double-spacing is a relic from paper submission days - it allowed room for hand-written comments)
    3. do not include author name on the title page (to facilitate blind marking)
    4. include any tables or figures in situ (i.e., embed them without the main body of the report rather than putting them after the references)
    5. formatting of any appendices does not need to follow APA style
  2. Example (
  3. The most important aspects of APA style for this lab report are:
    1. Times New Roman 12 pt font
    2. Running head with page numbers
    3. Page margins
    4. Left-justify body text
    5. Captioning and layout of tables
    6. Right alignment of statistics in tables
    7. Citations and referencing (including for electronic references and use of DOIs)
    8. Symbols, abbreviations, and formatting of statistical symbols (including M, SD, skew, kurt, N, n, F, t, p, r, R, R2, sr2)