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Lab report - Graduate participants

Graduate participants in this unit are required to produce a more advanced lab report which also incorporates a qualitative analysis within a 3,300 word report. The additional requirements by section are:

    1. Introduction: Develop an extra research question and/or hypothesis which sets up a qualitative analysis (and relevant argument and background literature).
    2. Method: Mention the open-ended question(s) in the Measures section (which are subsequently analysed in the Results).
    3. Results:
      1. Present an additional analysis, a qualitative analysis of responses to at least one of the open-ended questions in the . The analysis can be approached qualitatively (e.g., using thematic analysis) or quantitatively (e.g., using multiple response analysis).
      2. Explain the data coding and/or interpretative process
      3. Present a thick description of the data (if treating qualitatively) or descriptive results (frequencies/percentages via multiple response analysis, possibly with an accompanying figure, if treating quantitatively), with the key themes illustrated by representative quotes.
    4. The weighting for the Results section (45%) will be retained, with the Results sub-section weighting adjusted to:
      1. 0% Data screening;
      2. 15% Psychometric instrument development;
      3. 15% Multiple linear regression;
      4. 15% Qualitative analysis