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2012[edit | edit source]

Changes made[edit | edit source]

In 2012, the content was modularised into five fortnightly modules, each worth 20%. Each module consisted of 2 x 2 hour lectures and 1 x 2 hour tutorial. The assessment for each module consisted of two online quizzes and one mini-lab report.

Learning materials were migrated to Wikiversity (from, with UC Moodle ( used for student enrolment, announcements, discussion forum and gradebook.

Unit satisfaction[edit | edit source]

Overall satisfaction was considerably lower in 2012 (59%) than in previous years, 2011 (85%), 2010 (95%), 2009 (75%) and was below the Faculty target of 72%.[1].

Changes to make for 2013[edit | edit source]

  1. Release module content earlier, particularly the assessment items (quizzes and lab reports)
  2. Reduce amount of content overall (prereq 2nd year unit now covers ANOVA, so drop this - perhaps the 5 modules could be reduced to 4?)
  3. Reduce overall workload/assessment - review Lab report requirements
  4. Review open text comments (requested from Stats & Planning)

Best aspects?[edit | edit source]

Needs improving?[edit | edit source]

Assessment[edit | edit source]

Lab reports[edit | edit source]

  • Maybe include 10% marking criteria for APA style?
5: ANOVA[edit | edit source]
  1. Explain more clearly to students what types of ANCOVA design are suitable for the lab report (there was some confusion in 2012 that a 1-way ANCOVA was acceptable)