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Sunken Relief w:sunken_relief Lesson plans

This project is most likely made for high school/college students. This project requires creativity, neatness, and hard work.

1. Begin showing the class about sunken relief, you must explain the history show some examples and explain the purpose of them. The Egyptians w:Egyptians were the main ones to use sunken relief sculptures to tell stories and show the greatness of the pharaoh w:pharaoh. This should take about 20 to 25 minutes to teach.

2. Now you start showing them how to do it, give them a demo, and let them ask questions. Start by finding a picture you or they like and let them recreate it by redoing it as a sunken relief. Now that they have a picture of their or your choice draw it on paper using coal, draw your image really dark. Now that you have your image drawn on it take a thick sheet of fresh clay and place your paper on it with the image faced down and take some rubbing alcohol w:Rubbing_alcolol and damp the paper evenly on to the clay. Carefully lift the paper up and your image should clearly show up. Take your sculpting tools and carefully start carving out your image. When done, smooth out your work, make it look neat.

3. The students should now know what to do, and ready to work. On the first two days they should take the time to find an image. On the third day they should recreate the image on paper, fourth day they should copy it on to a sheet of clay. The last day should be used to take time and clean up the project, smooth out and touch it up.