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Amitabha in Sukhavati Paradise

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Sukhāvatī refers to the western Pure Land of the Buddha Amitābha in Mahāyāna Buddhism. Sukhāvatī translates to "Land of Bliss."

The young princess[edit | edit source]

Meditating princess

"In the middle of the night the young princess complains of her fate and sings in front of the temple: 'let things of this world be as they may. Please bring me to paradise.' "(quoted from Buddhism krass, page 139)

Comment = We don’t know what her difficult fate was. Possible she was forced to marry a man she didn’t love. Or her husband died in a war. She lived in a difficult situation which she couldn’t change. Her whole life seemed to be over. She didn’t expect anymore happiness in her outer life. She had to create happiness in herself. Salvation should only occur through a change in her consciousness.

We could interpret the text in that she looked for happiness on the other side. She hoped to come to paradise after death. This thought could give her some comfort. It could give her the strength to get through her difficult life. It could get her to concentrate on her spiritual way so that she would come to a paradise-consciousness in her life. Paradise is a state of consciousness. We can reach this state of consciousness with Buddha Amitabha’s help on the other side. It is even better to reach this state in this lifetime. It is still better to reach a state of enlightenment in this lifetime.

The first step is to accept things in life as they are. We have to find our inner peace. We have to relax so that our inner happiness can develop. We have to empty ourselves of things from the outside world so that Buddha Amitabha can enlighten us with his light. We can meditate daily to come to a quiet place. We can do a moving meditation while walking and let go of outer things with each step and develop our inner happiness.

The second step is to develop paradise consciousness. We can find a positive thought that helps us accept our life. We can concentrate on the positive in our life. What is positive in your life? What makes you happy? What are you thankful for? Which thoughts help you to see your world as a paradise? “My paradise thoughts are…(I live in the essence. I live in peace, love, wisdom and happiness).”

It is helpful to not take outer circumstances too seriously. The important thing is that we live spiritually. It is important to live from the essence. The essence in life is inner, not outer happiness. It is important to change ourselves into a Buddha and to change our world into a paradise. What brings you into light today? It could be a deed of joy, love or spiritual practice.

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