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HOW TOUCH SCREEN WORK? We are changing the world with technology"-Bill Gates

Well we are now living in a globalised world, where we enjoy all the benefits of science and technology.We can now talk to our friends and family from any part of the world,we can do online shopping,online reservations and bookings and the list goes on. The one technology that acts like a cherry on top of the cake is TOUCH SCREEN TECHNOLOGY.It made all these things much simpler and smoother.It is used in mobile phones,computers,ticket machines , electronic voting machines and in many other things.Now the question is - how these touch screen actually works? The answer lies in the amazing principles of science.It is mainly of 2 types- 1)Resistive system:It's like having an invisible keyboard on the top of the screen.Just like keyboard when we touch the screen it completes an internal circuit and sends the required signal. 2) Capacitive system:We all know about capacitors.This type of touch screen works on the same principle.A layer of charge is spread on the screen.When a user touches the screen,some of the charge gets carried away. The system calculates the position from the relative difference in amount of charge and perform the necessary action.Thus giving us the desired output. As we know that science and technology are dynamic in nature,everyday new things are coming and adding to our comfort.Some more touch screen technologies include- Infrared,surface acoustic waves,near field imaging etc.In future we will surely see some more advanced things like that.For more information on this topic you can see this educational YouTube video-