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THE BRITISH BRIDGE[edit | edit source]

The British bridge is one of famous historical landmark aqueduct located in Karingarapully, Palakkad district, Kerala, India. Even though it is also a canal it is known as "British paalam" which means British bridge in malayalam. The river Bharathapuzha ( one of the only river that flows through Palakkad ) can be crossed using this river. It is located from about 500m inside the Karingarapully junction.

HISTORY[edit | edit source]

As the name suggests this was created by Britishers namely; East India Company(EIC); in the year 1941. This bridge was used to circulate water throughout the district from the Malampuzha dam. This canal which is now popularly known as Karingarapully canal is still used to circulate water around the district for irrigation purposes.

STRUCTURE[edit | edit source]

The details of structure and its specifications are engraved on the bridge itself. Which is as follows:

KANNADI AQUEDUCT:[edit | edit source]

  • Total square feet of canal : 539 sq ft
  • Depth of the canal : 7 feet
  • Length of the canal : 7 metre
  • Arch span ( in sqft) : 30 feet
  • Number of spans : 13

RIVER (BHARATHAPUZHA):[edit | edit source]

  • Catchment of the river : 475 sq mL
  • Discharge of the river : 44690Cs
  • Afflux of the river  : 2.1
  • Velocity of the river : 7.306 feet per second

LOCATION[edit | edit source]

The aqueduct is located at Kadukkamkunnam - Kunuppulli road, Malampuzha-2.It is located at an offbeat place but it is one of a historical landmark in Palakkad.

FAMOUS[edit | edit source]

This bridge has been a location in many famous Malayalam movies like Jamna pyari (2015) , Odiyan (2018) etc. It is also a famous location for photo-shoot and also a quiet evening out.