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SETTLEMENTS[edit | edit source]

     Settlements are the place where people bulid their homes.Early human beings lived on trees and in caves.When they started to growm crops it become necessary to have a permanent home.The settlements grew near river valley such as water was avaliable and land was fertile.with the development of trade,commerce,and manufacturing,human settlements became larger.Settlement flourished and civilizations developed near valleys.Do you recall the names of civilization that grew along thr bank of river Indus,Tigiris,Nile ang Hwang-he.
               1.permanent settlement(occupied for short period of time)
               2.Temporary settlement(build homes to live in)


   1. Rural settlement can be compact or scattered.
   2.compact is closely built area of dwellings wherever flat land available.
   3.scattered is the place where houses in over an extensive area.
   4.slanting roofs:During heavy rainfall.
   5.STILTS house:Accumulation of water
   6.Hot climate:Thick mud walls with thatched roofs.
          In urban settlements towns are smaller and cities are larger.In urban areas the people are engaged in manufacturing,trading and services.