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SENTENCE PATTERN[edit | edit source]

 A sentence is a group of words which gives a complete meaning.  A sentence comprises of smaller units which are called elements of sentence structure.


  1. Subject ( S )
  2. Verb ( V )
  3. Complement ( C )
  4. Object ( O )
  5. Adjunct ( A)

SUBJECT[edit | edit source]

    is a word or phrase which is responsible for the action taking place in a sentence or a group of words in a sentence about which something is said. 

    Example:  Kayal posted the letter.

 VERB[edit | edit source]

         is a word or phrase expressing existence, action or occurence. 

  Example: Arjun dances well.

  COMPLEMENT[edit | edit source]

     is a word or phrase that usually comes after a 'be' verb such as am,is ,are,was and were to make the sentence complete. 

    Example: He became a doctor.

OBJECT[edit | edit source]

      is a word or phrase in a sentence towards which the action of the verbal element is   directed. 

    Example: Shewag scored a triple century.

If there are two objects in a sentence,the answers for the question:

What?  gives the DIRECT OBJECT and  whom? gives the INDIRECT OBJECT  

     Example: I gave him my pen.

In this sentence, him - IDO

                      My pen- DO


  ADJUNCT[edit | edit source]

      is the optional element in a sentence.  It answers the question How ? Why? When? Where? 

    Example: We play cricket everyday.

BASIC PATTERNS:[edit | edit source]

1.S+V: Birds fly.

2.S+V+O : We played cricket.

3. S+V+IO+DO : My sister presented me a gift.

4. S+V+C : Honey is sweet.

5. S+V+O+C : My mother keeps the house clean.

Write the sentence on each of the following pattern :






For example,

  1. My brother is a lawyer in Erode.
  2. My uncle gives me advice.
  3. The moon often hides in the cloud.
  4. We play every day.
  5. He often visits Ooty.