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                                           BODMAS RULE

People often feel troublesome in solving problems which involve many fundamental operations(i.e +,-,X,/). For example “1+2-(3+5)/2x4”.One may get confusion about where to start. There, the usage of BODMAS rule is very useful. BODMAS stands for Brackets Of Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction. It is to follow the order of abbreviation in solving these typical problems sequentially. It is better not to do two operations at a time. One may end up in obtaining wrong answers if it is done so. It is clearly understood by the following illustration and examples. ILLUSTRATION:


(solve Brackets ) =1+2-8/2x4 (solve Division) =1+2-4x4 (solve Multiplication) =1+2-16 (solve Addition) =3-16 (solve Subtraction) =-13

EXAMPLE: Simplify : 4x2-3+(7-4)/3 Solution: