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Microsoft Excel[edit | edit source]

It is a spreadsheet developed by Windows. It is used for calculation, manipulation, valuation of data stored in boxes called as cells. It supports a wide array of mathematical operations, statistical analysis, visual representation in the form of charts, graphs etc.

If Condition[edit | edit source]

Out of all the many mathematical, statistical and logical formulae, one which is widely used in Excel is the IF condition. This is used in a situation when a particular condition needs to be checked and respective feedback is required. The following is the syntax for the formula:

=IF(condition,"value if true")

i.e. the system will check whether the condition is being satisfied or not, if the condition is satisfied, the value in inverted commas is displayed and if the condition is not satisfied, then it shows an error.

Nested IFs[edit | edit source]

More than one IF conditions can be amalgamated in a single statement or a formula to make a complex string of conditions, this is known as nested IF. It has the same syntax as the normal IF but the subsequent conditions are separated by a comma(,). Syntax:


It is important to note that the brackets are not closed after each IF statement, they are kept open, then only the conditions can be stacked together, and in the end all the brackets are closed.